Testimonials – Ma Belle Fitness Gets Results!

“I’ve struggled with my weight for a very long time and with that came depression, anger and overall hated how I looked physically. I couldn’t buy the clothes I wanted I couldn’t be the person who I knew I was inside because I was trapped in an overweight body! I was that person who would say..I hate working out, it’s not for me, it’s boring etc. and I knew I needed to really try and change my life style not only for my self esteem and health but also for my marriage! Being diagnosed with a disease such as MS isn’t easy! It’s scary as hell and I know that my journey living with MS is unknown all I can to do is live day by day and thank god each day that passes that I’m still walking and going strong for tomorrow could be the day I’m not. I decided to change my lifestyle with the help of a good friend..if it wasn’t for her I prob would never have taken the plunge into the fitness world. Michelle Christine is amazing and supportive and super fun..love her! I have lost over a 100lbs with Michelle and I am stronger and fitter than i ever thought was possible and I truly enjoy working out and sweating my ass off because I know it’s helping me inside and out..i can see it..i can feel it…it’s awesome!! My husband is proud of me for doing this and having the dedication i do with it as it’s a so good for our kids to see their mom strong healthy and determined to not give up on what u want!”  -TW

So I’ll start at the beginning it was nursery school registration day my co worker and myself had just finished up timbits and were into some chicken  Strips n fries when Michelle walked in…. Fate I’d say! She was there to register her son and I’m sure she could see the grease dripping from my chin haha Michelle proceeded to tell us a bit about herself that she was new in town was a trainer and starting a boot camp in the same building we worked in and invited us to go to her camp. She was no sooner out the door and we kinda chuckled at all the fast food containers we had stacked on the shelf! Lol I did go home and search her on Facebook and was in awe of the work she was doing with people, people like me my interest was sparked! About a week or two later Ma belle fitness piste a biggest loser challenge a girlfriend contacted me and asked if is do it with her and it was on! I went in to win but not really knowing the true meaning of winning this type of competition. I was sore, a lot! I decided this was my game to lose and Michelle sparked this drive in me. I woke up every day at 430 am do my work out and didn’t stray once from the food plan! I ended up losing 44 lbs and 45 inches in the 10 weeks… What??? Ya I won but what I really won was me.. I could now look at myself in the mirror u shames of what I allowed myself to become , I could share intimate moments with my husband and not be so conserved with hiding that I ruined the moments, to love myself again has to be the biggest gain for me! I am 43 and know all the healthy benefits I have gained from my new Every workout every meal I could hear her see her reassuring me to keep pushing! So here we are a few months later and I am loving the workouts and the meal plan! Michelle changed my life and my family life too! I can’t say enough about the wonderful things she does. I highly recommend her and her devices to everyone! This recommendation is not only because she changed my life but because I have tried many other programs/ trainers and her workouts have been the best I’ve ever done!!  Erica C


I am a wife and a mother of 2 kids that are 19 months apart, I work 11 hour days 5 days a week just at work then the rest at home looking after my family.. I had a lot of excuses to not workout, or why it was hard to eat health, I was full of them. I reached a point in my life that I hated looking in the mirror, hearing my daughter say I was big was like someone getting me with a knife. Running with my kids was so hard It hurt. I did not want to be that person. So I turned to a person in my life that I knew could help me and would support me, Michelle was that person, she was there to catch me in my excuses and push me out of my comfort zone, she helped me become strong mentally and physically. Once I was strong enough to say no to junk food I started to eat healthy and workout was the 2nd best part of my day. Waking up and hearing my daughter say I wanna workout with you mommy makes me feel like am doing the right thing. Mabelle fitness is a life saver, with her help I have become a much stronger women, I have lost 30lbs so far and 37 inches 2015 is my year to become the women I wanna be .. I will never be able to thank Mabelle fitness for everything she has given me but for anyone who is ready to change this is the place to go! Don’t wait another day to make a change today’s the day. – Sheena

“Ma Belle Fitness is the place to go if your looking for fitness help. I signed up to do Michelle’s Biggest Loser Bootcamp not only to get back in shape but to be committed to something and follow through with the satisfaction of knowing I stuck to my guns for 10 weeks and Michelle made this possible for me. I didn’t have a specific goal just wanted to complete the bootcamp and meal plan as I have never done it before. I ended up loosing weight and inches I didnt even know I had to loose, AMAZING!Michelle was there for me every step of the way. I would ask questions I’m sure she has heard a thousand times from other clients but she took the time to explain and make sure I understood the logistics of why we are doing it this way. She is truly not only an amazing coach/trainer but one of the nicest and most kind-hearted girls I know, she cares about her clients and takes on their goals as if they are her own. Her workouts are intense and she’s always changing them up to keep us on our toes. I was a little nervous about the meal plan but she made it so easy and fun! When I have a slip she didnn’t yell at me, she explained what I’m doing to my body and why it might not be the best choice.The amount of knowledge this girl has jammed into her brain is beyond me and I appreciate more then words can express all her dedication and hard work she has helped me to feel like me again!” – Nicki

“I met Michelle in college and instantly we became friends. We lost contact for a few years and after I had my daughter I learned that she had become a fitness trainer so I decided to go to her private studio and start my weight loss journey. I had never worked out before and Michelle helped me learn very quickly. I lost 17 inches in the 6 weeks I was training with her but for financial reasons I couldn’t continue at that time…when I saw the biggest looser bootcamp she was running I knew right away I had to do it because I knew working with Michelle would get me results. In 10 weeks I lost 12.5 lbs and 19.25 inches! I immediately joined her bikini bootcamp that we are doing now and I can’t wait to see more fantastic results! I never thought I’d ever be able to do workouts/bootcamps with my MS but Michelle is very helpful when I need alternatives to exercises. The meal plans Michelle gives are easy to shop for, prepare and eat. I would recommend Mabelle fitness to anyone who needs to loose weight regardless of fitness level, size, knowledge etc. If you can stick to whatever she tells u you WILL see results!! Love my Michelle! Tara