Ma Belle Fitness – A fitness package for everyone!

Health Consultation
A 50 minute sit down with Michelle to go over any questions, concerns, and enquiries you have about health, fitness and nutritional guidance.

One-on-One Personal Training:
Private personal training sessions exclusively in a private studio, no intimidation of a crowded gym.  Michelle Stevens will help you set realistic goals and give you the tools you need to achieve.  Whether your goals are to loose weight, put on muscle, become healthier or get toned, private sessions will cater to your individual needs.  Sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length.  Client can purchase programs to take home.  Offers discount packages for purchasing sessions ahead of time.

Group Personal Training:
Groups of two clients can come in for training for a small discount.  Ma Belle Fitness see’s the need for some clients to train with a friend or family member who have similar goals to be met. Group discount rates depend on size of group.

Online Training:
Customized Program for at home or at the gym.  Michelle will customize a program specifically designed to meet your person goals while considering what equipment if any available to you.  Ma Belle Fitness     understands that some clients have hectic schedules and sometimes need their own program to take home and train on their own time.  Programs are designed for 6 weeks of training.

Nutrition Guidance-Meal Plans:
Ma Belle Fitness offers nutrition guidance through customized meal plans for any goals, whether to loose weight, put on muscle, lean out etc…  Michelle will do all the thinking for you and calculate your proper macro nutrient ratios, specific nutrient timing needed for specific goals, health and  ideal body composition.

Offering Exercise Program and Meal Plan Packages

Boot Camps

Biggest Loser Bootcamp:
10 week program with guaranteed extreme results.  Includes a weekly bootcamp class ran by coach Michelle, before and after pictures and measurements in inches and body fat percentage, bi-weekly weigh ins, private online support group and a chance to win prizes!

Bikini Body Booty Camp:
12 week program, overall body toning and shaping with high intensity intervals, cardio and strength training.

Warrior Woman Bootcamp:
advanced level functional fitness class, test your strength and endurance, while flipping some tires, using the battle ropes, prowler and MORE…

An entire camp designed to lift and shape your glutes!  Glutes are trending find out how to get a great behind while having some fun!

Please Inquire Personally for BOOTCAMP times, locations and dates